Selecting the Superior Story

I must apologize, but you will not be reading a story cut from one of my dreams today. With working mandatory overtime through the holidays, a new baby born this month, and my chief editor (wife) taking care of a new baby, I have decided that it is time to start wrapping up this little experiment. So what little time I have for the foreseeable future will be focused on editing these entries and getting them ready to publish. 

Now, I’ll be giving my readers the chance to decide what I write. Beginning as soon as you read this, I’ll be accepting votes. You can vote on anyone of my blog entries, specifically the story part that came from a dream. Included with the vote, I am taking votes for a medium. Whichever one wins, I will expand that story into a full blown novel or screenplay. Now I believe that some of them are better suited for this than others, but I’ll let you determine that.


Voting will be done by simply using my contact page ( and sending me a message with your votes. I think it would be really cool if you told me why you picked that piece as well. Once I get 1,000 votes, at that point I will set a time limit before I close the polls and begin working on the chosen project. So, if you really want a certain story, get your friends to read it and send in their votes as soon as possible.

What’s that? You don’t think that gives you enough motivation to send in your vote? How about prizes? Everyone who votes will be entered into a pool and five random readers will be selected to receive a signed copy of the piece (in either it’s printed or filmed form) as well as a signed copy of my first novel, Hunt of the Fallen.

In closing, I wish a fantastic end of the year to all my readers. May you have a season of marvelous holidays full of family, laughter, and charity for all. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my pieces.

Here is a list of the blogs/stories available for your votes. Titles will likely change with full story.

-Giants and Good Judgement - A human scouting party is confronted by their giant enemies.

-Humanity and Hemoglobin - Vampires take advantage of those looking for quick reality TV fame.

-Artistic Actuality - One young man discovers that he can turn art into reality.

-Manipulation and Misinformation - A pleasant evening turns ugly as strangers attack one another.

-Prisons and Parenting - An imprisoned man blames his lifelong friend for framing him, but his father hasn't had his say yet.

-Covetous Command - Two enemy knights must fight the hate and greed of their people to protect the ongoing peace talks.

-Perplexing Perspectives - A loving man desperately tries to save his family from a witch, but not everything is as it seems.

-Cause and Effects of Exorcism - A small family travels through time to save a man from a grumpy life and his care facility from his ghost..

-Starships and Sustainability - Searching for a new planet, a ship of humans finds that they were followed.

-Analyzing an Adventurous Afterlife - Framed for betraying heaven, he must escape to prove himself.

-Understanding the Undead - Saving a little girl from attacking zombies gets a survivalist more than he asked for.

-The Freezing Fingers of a Fantastic Father - Trying to protect his pride, a young man's father accepts the challenge of a home-town bully.

-Partitioning the Peacocks from the Paupers - Dealing with the higher class, this restaurant employee must keep out the less desirable ilk.

-Trusting in the Toy Story - A secret underground base, a lover's betrayal, and a lot of loaded guns all comes down to a coin toss.

-Polar Bears and Comcast - Two cousins row to an island castle to defeat the witch that lives there.

Also include the format in which you would like your chosen story to play out.


-Screenplay (which could turn into a film)

-Video game pitch and supporting documents