R.A. Zaugg spent a good amount of time in his cocoon, but he has emerged as a novelist, screenwriter, game creator, editor, and all-around storyteller. His premier novel, Hunt of the Fallen, clawed its way to publication in July 2016. His writing has danced in the spotlight of collegiate writing competitions at his alma mater, Utah State University, and has enjoyed a place in Voice Magazine. R.A. honed and sharpened the sword of his more technical skills with Overstock.com as a copywriter, and for U.S. Army intelligence as a collector and report writer. But a passion burns within for creating stories in which a reader can lose themselves. And hopefully they can find themselves again through the journey. With a BA and MFA in Creative Writing, R.A. has a Batman-like belt of tools with which he builds a myriad of worlds, filled with characters that his readers will love, love to hate, hold on a pedestal to admire, and want to strangle in frustration. Inspiration for many of these stories injects itself into the veins of his subconscious through the adventures he has in his sleep. If he could record his dreams and deliver them to others as he experienced them, he would jump at the chance, but for now, he will use the slower but equally enjoyable method of storytelling.